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    Offering a unique Moorland Management service thoughout West Cornwall and Bodmin Moor
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    Our main aim is helping to promote the biodiversity of the moors of Cornwall
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    From conservation grazing with Whitebred Shorthorn cattle and Dartmoor ponies to brush cutting , controlled burns , bracken and knotweed control , Cornish hedging and fencing
Welcome To Gerald Babcock Rural Services
Our aim is to provide information about saving the moors of Penwith & Bodmin . We regularly add news and info so bookmark us as this is the place to find out all about these beautiful Cornish areas.

Recent News

2015 and 2016 updates

All the infrastructure creating easy public access in and around White Downs is now...
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Spring Summer 2014

Ponies  All  of our ponies were removed from the four triple SSSI sand dune sites...
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How Conservation Grazing Works

Many habitats, including lowland heathland, like Penwith Moors, require some kind of...
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We test all of our cattle for Bovine Tuberculosis  (T.B.) twice every year , the...
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We try to create a patchwork of biodiversity and wildlife corridors across Penwith Moors by carrying out small controlled burns , bracken and gorse control and re-introducing extensive (as opposed to intensive) conservation grazing


Often called field burning was traditionally done over thousands of years to control the spread of scrub and to release land for grazing, it also reduces the risk of large destructive wild fires.


Bracken poses many health threats to livestock and humans , it also undermines our ancient, very abundant archaeology. Contact us for further information


We have pedigree Dartmoor and Shetland Ponies which will, and have been used on several West Cornwall conservation sites


The conservation grazing abilities of the Whitebred Shorthorn and their appeal to our community has been outstanding


We can help H.L.S. agreement holders fulfil the land management prescriptions that are written into their ten year H.L.S. agreements.